Some call me CLUTCH!

Clifton Hutchinson

Audio Engineer/Web Developer

I have been an Audio Engineer for over 2 decades.
While concentrating my passion for Live Music, I spent many years developing
this craft and doing what I love. Not a lot of people can truly say that.
I have recently decided to change career paths
and move on to something more challenging at this point in my life. Web Development
has become my new passion. More specifically Web Design.
I plan to implement my new skills with Audio in some way shape or form. Until then,
I plan to keep learning as many coding languages as possible and keep the dream

I’m really getting into Blogging. It seems to be an interesting way to release some thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts as I journey through this life. I only wish that I had made a Blog for every city that I’ve been to and show that I’ve worked. I’d literally have thousands!!! Perhaps I can make up a little for lost time and maybe I’ll throw in some of my old road stories here and there.